The rebound guy was nice and I wasn't!!!

oh what an astounding moment for me... We had our petty fights and it came to the point that "she" got "full" of me bad mouthing her every time she gets so close with guys. Then we broke up and then afterward she has a new boyfriend who is a friend of hers and whom is so nice and a very good man. *sigh* welcome to the broken hearted singles club to me... no chance of getting her back... so far I have severed my communications with her and told her no chance that I would make friends with her

Well she said that she maybe making a mistake about her breaking up with me... She says that if she does she wishes to see me again and love me again...

Ok add to add up a question and my apologies because it is my first time here. do you think if I do the no contact rule and pull myself and improve on my personality would give a slim chance of winning her back? thanks


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  • If your goal is to get her back, it sounds like you're on the right track.

    You must realize that she only likes this this guy because he's different from you. Give her space, and she'll soon discover that "nice" is boring. It sounds like she's already questioning herself, based on your updates. That's definitely in your favor. But you MUST give her time. She must reach that realization her own.

    as far as working on your personality, you don't have to become mr. nice guy. That's the worst thing you could be. Just work on being less insecure and less of a jackass around her.

    Simplest way to put it is " Don't change yourself; but become a better version of yourself."

    Stay the course, and she'll be crawling back to you before too long.

    Good luck.

    • "Just work on being less insecure and less of a jackass"

      thanks for the advice I will surely follow this one hehehe...

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  • buddy, stop being a d*** to her. talk to her when you see her and be a gentleman. And stay like that. Apologize for your behavior and wish her luck. Tell her you don't wanna be friends cause you only want her as a girlfriend. Keep it short email and then get a new chick. Or chicks. She'll come back to you within a month.

    • thanks for the comment bud

  • "'she'"

    Are you implying that she is not a "she"?

  • Because she's on a rebound, I think you have more than a slim chance. You just can't mess up twice and you need a proven plan on how to win her back. This guy will make it happen for you ==> link

  • Sounds like you got what you deserved. You shouldn't have been such a jealous guy. Now is there a point to this? Is there actually a question here?

    • uhhmm none I think *sigh* sorry...

    • "do you think if I do the no contact rule and pull myself and improve on my personality would give a slim chance of winning her back?"

      Yeah maybe. If she's already saying she has some regrets.

    • thank you sir have a good day... I will go on and improve my well being and personality for myself so that when I meet another girl I am a new person and won't commit the same mistake again

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