What to do at the end of a first date?

I've been hanging out fairly often with a girl for the past several months. Now we are having our first actual date (a real fancy holiday party at an art museum with dancing, etc.). I'm wondering what to do at the end of the evening when I'm dropping her off back at her place. We're already huggy, so do I go in for a kiss on the cheek, or for the lips? Any other thoughts?

So things didn't go as well as they could have. We had good conversation on the way there and back, but the party fell flat (the party itself wasn't what I expected). I brought her back to her place, she said she had a good time and would see me soon.
We then shared this awkward side hug in the car and she got out and went back inside. How do I recover from this? There's still some positive because she was quite comfortable with me leading her around and other kinds of touch,
but I feel a bit embarassed with how the entire evening went


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  • You've just moved from the friend zone to the realm of bf/gf, so take it slow right now and go for a kiss on the cheek. If you want, you can linger close afterward, for a few seconds and gaze into her eyes to hint that you'd like to kiss her on the lips. If she acts nervous or hesitant, wait till another date where she's giving you the vibe that she's ready.


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  • You can try the cheek first and if she keeps her face very close to yours you can try moving on to the lips. But you never know, she may kiss you first.

  • i think you should give her a smooch on the head after you hug her. it's so sweet.


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