Any bad reasons why you stay with your partner?

Just wondering if you had any hidden reasons for choosing the person you did.

When I mean hidden reasons, I mean stuff that you wouldn't tell the person.

Like my guy's ex chose him because he was a loser who wouldn't cheat on her while she went out to sleep with others, and he wouldn't leave her even though she did that and other worse things. She chose him for easy sex, money and for car rides etc.

She then got mad at him for getting mad at her for cheating so long. So anyone else have reasons like, "I lonly chose him for sex, until I find someone better?"

Why would you do that?

And I feel like I did choose my guy for love, but some times I feel like I can't leave him not because I love him but out of pity. Because he seems like such a loser that no one would love and I feel sad for him because of that...

Anyone else?


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  • Well those are some heavy reasons... My ex and I had a 3 1/2 year long distance relationship. On the 3rd year I moved to New York with him. We were having major compatibility issues and arguing constantly so I decided if it truly was the distance that was killing us moving in together could fix it. It worked for about 4 months... Somewhere between his 2 jobs, my 2 jobs, me getting fired from those jobs and the lack of common interest in "US" we failed at 6 months completely...I stayed home anyway because I LOVED NEW YORK.. So we were together I NEVER cheated despite the fact that we had already mentally left each other. but I spent the last 6 months that year running my FAVORITE NYC with my new best friend of 7 months. It was GREAT! When our 1 year lease was up I left tho.. I still miss NYC =(