Is it okay to hang up on your boyfriend if...?

He blows you off for the 4th day in a row? when he promised he would be over today.


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  • anyone can do this when their up set but that doesn't make it right or makes things better. I know it was just anger dissapiontment or spur of the moment just yesterday my this guy that I like (yes he likes me too) told me he would call me after dance and church I waited til 2 in the morning for a call that didnot come this evening he called I was tempted not to answer. but I did. but a 4 day time span that's a lot don't guys know that we miss then and we really look forward to talking to them. I understand your feelings. but don't do those trival things no matter how tempting it is. that's the way problems start. talk to him let him know your feelings and let him know how you feel. but when talking about problems don't get emotional just be expressive in a calm manner. I'm sure he'll understand or at less try to.

    • Guys, I guess are all clueless to how a female thinks of them, They aren't aware that we think of them every minute of the day. And plan our day arround plans with them. I hate feeling sad and depressed and when I hear from him or see him My life is complete and I am happy. And they leave and are distant for a week and think nothing of it when we are spending hours and hours just waiting to hear anything... It sucks but yet at the same time is worth it.. or at least our hearts think it's okay...

  • It's immature and it doesn't really solve anything. If there's an issue with your relationship, you need to talk to your partner about it and work it out. If you're too upset to talk, then tell him that you're too upset to talk and that you'll talk to him when you're more calm (and then follow up with that and talk to him about it later).

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