Should I hang out with a guy that has previously liked me but has a girlfriend over Xmas break?

he always ssais he doesn't want to ruin our kinda 'thing' we have together yet he has a gf.. so idk...


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  • he has a girlfriend. nuf said. have enough respect for yourself not to allow yourself to be second best. and besides...isn't it girl code? you don't mess around with a guy you know is attached. you just DON'T. how would you feel being on the other side of that equation? girls these days just don't respect themselves. or other women. I would never give the time of day to a guy who has a girlfriend. I think too highly of both myself and the girl on the other end to EVER do something like that.

    • thanks a lot that makes a lot of sense.

  • It seems messy and you don't want to be know as that girl. He seems like he could want his cake and eat it to. On the other hand, everyman isn't the same and he could just want your friendship. You know the vibes you get from him better than we do so analyze and make your decision. Hope I helped!

    • thanks that did kinda help.