How much should I talk to her?

I just recently got a girlfriend and I was wondering how much I should talk to her on the phone. And how much I should talk to her throught texting?


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  • Go with every day to start if she says she doesn't like that then every other but I'm 90% sure she will like you for the everyday. Makes us feel like you are thinking about us. By the way good for you actually trying to make us happy don't change.

    • ty for the help but should I call her everyday or is just texting enough, cause I think calling is the best am I right?

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    • Ok I'm gonna do that next, and thank you so much for your answers and the piece of advice that you gave me earlier really appreciate it =)

    • no problem at all. If you have any questions just ask.

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  • That depends on her does she like texting? Calling is nicer but a lot of girls and guys seem to prefer texting. Try calling everyday and if her response is to talk for a short time and say well I have got something to do text me or I'll text you she probably likes teting better. :)

  • That really depends on the girl. Most people like to text better then talk. But for most of us girls communication is the most important part of a relationship. If you don't talk to us we feel like you are pulling away. I know its weird and most guys hate it but guess what its how we are and it's not changing so deal with it. Just like most guys love sex and love ego boosts and that's not changing ether.

    • so should I call her everyday? or every other?

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