"Bad Boys" why tame them?


So I've noticed that lots of girls (not all) love the idea of dating a bad boy just to have the joy of hoping they will change their ways.

I wanna know why this is so. What is it that makes this "fun"

P.S I don't know if I worded this great but I'm hoping that you all see what I'm saying.


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  • Boredom. If these girls put more effort into a job or a career or something more productive, they wouldn't have the time or the energy to try and tame another human being.

    The girls that go after the bad guys are usually women that have nothing going on their lives or are so bored with what they do they need a "challenge". College dropout girls, Wives in dull marriages, Doctors and Teachers who are tired of the same thing every day over and over, etc.


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  • I just think it its because of they are confident and do things at the moment, shameless.

    Honestly, I'd kick any "bad boys" nut sack. Some of them are real bitches and need a good reality check.


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  • I don't know if women, like bad boys because they are more fun or anything like that, but I think women are attracted to thier "uninhibited masculinity" or the attitude of tough: I dopnt give a fack mentality.

    Some people are also more into "the chace" because its exhilerating to have to work to get what you want.

    Although in my experience, girls can try to chace and change their "bad boys" as much as they want, but they usually are never very successful. The guy is usually never faithful to them, and they get hurt in the end. I think its funny really.

    Myself I am into the good guy, who is great in all social situations, works hard for his money, treats his girl like she's the only one in the world- but can still kick ass when nessisary.