So my boyfriend won't call and kiss my anymore.....

So me and this guy have been going out on and off for about 1 year. Yea it was my fault about our on and offs but it won't be like that anymore. I told my self that He would be the one to dump me if at all. I know he loves me because he used to call 2 times everyday and he would say what he likes about me and hug and kiss me for the longest of time possible... but recently he hasn't even talked to me. I stay up late waiting for his calls that never come at all. At school he won't hug let alone kiss me anymore ... when I talk to him it seems like he still loves me but I don't know "why must it be that some people can be worse but always think that they are better when obviously they are worse then you and most things in life I'm still trying to figure that out"- is set as his status... so I want to know what's up but I cannot call him for he secretly calls me so he won't get in trouble. I really want this time to last but I dunno... How would I talk to him on this situation?


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  • I would let him go it doesn't sounds lik it's getting any better