Ever stop talking to a girl based on your own pride/ego?

Guys, do you ever not talk to an ex, someone you are dating, etc. because you're too proud to admit you still like her? You were wrong and don't want to admit it? Your ego gets in the way of expressing your true feelings? Fear of rejection so you ignore her to keep face?

A couple different scenarios here but I've heard guys sometimes have too big of egos and want to protect them so it gets in the way of their true feelings. Is this true?


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  • For me, if I'm in a relationship, I definitely don't talk to exes. It's disrespectful to the one I'm with.

    I still talk to exes here and there when I'm not in a relationship, but it's never initiated by me.

    It has nothing to do with my ego and/or pride, and everything to do with wasting time. Why dwell on the past and not the future? We broke up for a reason. In my mind, nothing can be said that will get us back together...so I don't waste my energy on that crap.

    Learn from the past and move on. Life is too short.

    • Makes perfect sense and I agree. Just wondering if there are cases where this is a factor. I know that I haven't talked to ex's for fear of rejection/looking stupid and I know some guys have way bigger egos than I do!

  • I admit I've let my ego get in the way of my true feelings. My ex started dating a guy I knew really soon after we split and I couldn't handle it. Rather than tell her I still loved her and wanted her back I ignored her and told her I didn't want to be friends. Months later she split from the guy and found another boyfriend who she's still with now. We speak again now and she told me she wished I had communicated with her after our break up as the rebound was a quick fix to try and get over me and had I contacted her she would have come back. Now it's too late but I doubt if it all happened again my ego wouldn't still get in the way!


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