One date curse?

i've been having a dry spell lately. I seem to meet all these great guys, but it never goes anything beyond friends. So I have a ton of new found guy friends, to go out for coffee with, but none to actually date. my long time best guy friend, said they're probably just intimidated, because I'm "prettier then just pretty" and I usually go for guys because of personality. could that be it? and how can I try to be less intimidating?


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  • A great guy should be all over you. A good man with a personality would not be intimidated by you, I sure would not be at all. My honest wisdom would say that because you are such a wonderful woman, the guys are doing their best not to mess things up with you. In most cases, all it takes is a wrong thing said or it unintentional or othewise; and the whole thing comes crashing down. I was like this with a japanese student back in my college days because I wanted to make everything perfect and ended up taking too much time while she went back to Japan and was lost to me forever.

    That sucked dead horses.

    There is an old saying: ¨if pushing does not work, try pulling". Be more aggressive. They will act accordingly.

    DAMN! Why do I have to be so flippin old! I dream of having women like you.sob.

    • Yeah! that's what I was thinking, I'm going to ask them, instead of waiting around for them to ask me. thanks!

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  • If you are saying that they'r great guys , try to be less intimidating , and see how it goes next time , try to be different you're not going to lose anything.


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