Is it weird to date my personal trainer?

When I signed up the gym I met this guy who was a PT. I bought an intro package (3 sessions) partly because he was really cute and partly because I thought it would help me fitness-wise. The sessions were great but I couldn't afford to keep it up. I told him maybe after the holidays. Jump to now...he text me asking how I was doing, flirting with me and long story short asked me over to his place and that he would cook dinner. I'm worried. 1) Is it weird to have a 1st date at someone's house? and 2) He's a PT, so he's in shape, I'm not at this point, is this going to be a turn-off for him?


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  • Hmm... it's perfectly fine to date your personal trainer, and technically he's not your personal trainer anymore. It is kind of weird for him to want you to go to his place for dinner; maybe something more casual would be less weird. But if you like him go for it!... maybe offer a change of plans, like going for coffee.