Should I ask her to stop?


We have been going out for 3 months yada yada

Anyways she still talks to 3 of her exes and she says they always hurt her when she talks to them, and sometimes she is even crying, but she still talks to them around once every other week..

Should I ask her to stop talking to them since they hurt her?

Should I break up with her?


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  • it looks like your the rebound guy, and that she hasn't gotten over any of them. if you think she's worth it, tell her legit to stop focusing on the past and enjoy the present and the future, if she doesn't take the hint, I wouldn't be surprised that if as soon as one of her exes tries to get back with her she will dump your ass.

    • The thing is that they have tried to already, many times, and failed... I'm really confused and I have no idea why she does this

    • you're girlfriend is probably doing something to lead them on, which is the reason why she cries, because she leads them on so much doesn't get with them, then they say mean things. she seems to be an attention seeker. after a break up guys are usually pissed if they got dumped, but they eventually get over it, but she's playing with them, which gets them angry. tell her to stop talking to them if you want, she may agree but she'll talk to them again..honestly if I were in your place, dump her

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  • um. she has problems. dump her sorry butt.


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  • I think talking to exes while in a relationship is a major red flag. It does nothing for the current relationship, and is disrespectful towards you. You obviously have a problem with it, and rightfully so.

    I personally would drop her. 1 ex is bad enough, 3 is ...come on. This girl has some integrity issues.

    Next time you start dating a woman, and it starts to get a bit serious, ask her if she's still in contact with any of her exes. If she says yes, just say, "Then we can leave things right where they're at," and start distancing yourself from her and don't progress the relationship any further until she straightens up.

    Exes are bad news.