Why is he doing this?

So this guy that I am 95% sure likes me texts me the other night saying "Hey, I tried calling you earlier today.how are ya?" So I text him back and we text for a while, and he kept saying I will call you tomorrow.he also said it had been a long day and he is tired, but he STILL made time to call and text me so I know that IF he is busy he would still have time to call. well this was on Tuesday and today is Thursday and he STILL hasn't called. Even though he called me earlier, but I work in a hospital so my cell doesn't work, so I told him next time to leave a message, he hasn't called. Why would he call me and since I didn't answer and not call back the next day even though he said he would? I don't know him that well but he always text me every now and then saying he is thinking about me. WHY HASNT HE CALLED? I NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE!


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  • just let it go for now. He probably doesn't want to come across as clingy. You're in an awkward situation for cell and text communication, so expect awkward things to happen


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  • just let it go and let it flow.dont stress yourself over something that ure not sure of yet.guys can be a j*ck*ss when using their cellphones especially when leaving a message over they system.he said he keeps on thinking about you then let him think about u.play the game for a while then check what's gona happen next

    i guess he knows ur sched so he shud be aware on when to call u.then just hang on.i know you like him and its hard to do but then you must sometimes play the guy's game.just don't frustrate yourself over him and about the call it would come to you in a right time and in a right place.u got a very tough job and he might be sensible enuf to understand or he just really doesn't care like he'l just call you when he feels like it.plus you don't know him as much so just mystify him more by not being to vocal or showy with who you really are with him.

    if he never called you back in 2 weeks then drop it off.hes just a type of guy who do things on his own conveniency and tells people that he would but he wont.

    • Thanks so much. Yeah he is busy too and his job is crazy, but I mean he still had time to call when it was a "long day" and then he said (I didn't even mention it) that he will call tomorrow but he still hasnt. Now I am wondering if he doesn't even think about me during the day or at all :( but then those "thinking about you" texts throw me for a loop.