It’s long but why is he pretending to not like me?

My boyfriend came over and spent the night last night since our “break” that started 3 weeks ago when he decided to move out. He has visited 3 times this week. He kissed me when he came in. I was nice & fixed him something to eat & drink while he was looking at my car. I up and asked him are we a couple like what are we now & he said “Idk you’re the one talking to another guy.” I said I wasn’t.

He just kept saying “Idk.” He said he can’t handle having a girlfriend, a kid, & a crazy ex wife. I asked him does he still want a girlfriend. He said he just wants to be happy & he’s not happy. He said he never broke up with me though. Started talking about his life. I asked what do I have to do with his life being a mess and he said “What do you mean? U have a lot to do with my life.” That was the end of that convo.

While we were laying In the floor his eyes were locked into mine. Like the “I love you” look. His eyes looked so soft when he was looking at me like the love he has for me is still there but I feel like he’s been fighting his feelings for me a lot lately. He says “I love you” in a quiet way now though. He will also go days with texting me & stuff.

We did cuddle on the couch & watch TV last night. Yes we had sex too which he acted like he didn’t want to do that either until we took a shower together before bed and he was rock hard lol after he hugged me in the shower, He did give me a kiss and told me bye he loves me and for me to have a good day before leaving this morning. I really miss him. I hate he’s going through so much.


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  • Better question is why are you with him? Are you stupid?


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