I'm sorry about hurting this girl but why is she being this mean to me?

She was friends with my fiancé before we got engaged. We had a rocky, on and off relationship and admittedly all of it was my fault. He was in the marines and was away most of the year, and I had a very over active libido and couldn't stay faithful. This girl is also a former marine. They were both out when they became friends and we were "off". I've met her a handful of times and instantly hated her, even though she was always nice to me. Mainly because she looks like a supermodel and is basically everything I wasn't at the time. I told him to cut her off because I thought military girls were all man stealing sluts. Then when he refused to cut ties with her, I dumped him again and dated a shitty guy who cheated on me and dumped me for the chick he cheated with. I went back to my fiancé and he told me to get lost. It took that to get me to grow up.

Years later, we reconnected. He tells me they've been dating for the last few months but he never stopped being in love with me despite how much he wished he had fallen in love with her. We started seeing each other and I knew it was wrong to do that to her but I need him in my life. He didn't have the heart to tell her he was leaving her despite me urging him to. I got tired of him always worrying about her and her reaction to us so I told her one day. He was very shocked when she called him to come over and get his stuff off of her lawn the next day. Less then a month later, we moved in together. Four months after that we got engaged. One year later, we are getting married in two weeks and we just found out we're expecting. We bumped into her in public with her new boyfriend yesterday and she looked so happy and in love with him that my fiancé thought he would say hello to her and bury the hatchet. When I came over, she says to me "congrats on the baby, I hope it's his!" Then tells him to get a paternity test when it's born. I apologized for hurting her but that was nasty. I thought she was nice.


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  • I would take a paternity too if I were in his shoes. Not to be an asshole, but you did cheat on him.

  • she is being mean and jealous to u.. as u have taken her boyfriend. lol


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  • wow that's just bitchy. for your age? act more grown up please.


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