What happens when you ask a 26 year old girl out?

I went in to get my teeth cleaned and the girl cleaning my teeth really caught my eye. We really clicked and had some very good conversations.
Sure enough I asked her when she got off work and also asked her if she had the chance to do one thing in a life time would you throw it away or try it and experience it? Sure enough she said you only live once so why not live like there is no tomorrow.
So I picked her up at work and we drove for about an hour. I told her to close her eyes but I could tell she was getting a little nervous but I calmed her down. We parked at a sky diving ranch with the bill board right in front of us and I said open your eyes. Sure enough I jumped out of my truck and said well honey this will be a date to remember. At first she was like Fuck that but we saw a few people come down and asked them how it was asked questions etc... So she decided to do it as did I.
In the end I would call it a good date with a good ending. So far so good I must be doing something right.


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  • Sounds good- congrats!


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