Is this a PUSH and PULL thing or he's just not interested?

i was texting this one guy he seems to show some interest but he ghosted me lol he doesn’t reply to my latest text , but the thing is that I caught him lurking on my instagram profile a couple of times ( in ig story u can see who viewed your post) but we don’t follow each other and i have no idea where he found my ig. he has been doing that before and still do that a couple of times after he left me on read , , I really do like him and want to initiate convo again but im not so sure about his feeling since he doesn’t reply to my latest text. , but could it be because of my late text , I kinda replied to him three days late that time and maybe he think im not interested? im very confused cos why would he still be stalking me a lot lately... even after like a few weeks passed I caught him stalking again today?
What'sup with him I don't want to seem clingy but Should I give it ago and contact him again?


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