Dating a guy who reminds me of the guy who used to bully me in highschool?

i've been dating someone for a couple of month. we both seem to be very interested in each other. he's very caring and emotional which i like, but at the same time he's very different from the kind of guys i usually date. he's very friendly and outgoing. i have social anxiety and been bullied a lot in high school, sometimes he reminds me the kind of guys who used to make fun of me (by the way he dress or talks), it's triggering and make me anxious. i think it happens mostly when i'm going through his fb profile and past photo and see his friends from home. however i don't want to put a label on him neither his friends since i don't even know them. he's very complicated and i don't want to look at him as black and white just because he reminds me of the guy who used to make fun of me, but yet sometimes it's confusing.

did this happen to you guys, how'd you overcome?


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  • I don't think you can talk to him about this, but Maybe see a therapist.


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  • Just move on alreasy and stop being a crybaby


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  • This is the weirdest shit I have ever read he reminds u of his bully by the way he talks and looks whist not doing anything mean to you your crazy


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