Would you date a mechanic? What do you think about this situation?

There is this girl i like and i have known her for about 7 months now. I actually met her the very first time when she needed help starting her car. Ever since then we have hung out a couple of times outside school and she even comes during her breaks to see me sometime But she would say things like "you look bad today" or "those hands are ugly". I mean im learning to be a mechanic lol. I guess she is joking cause she does keep coming back. But would you date a mechanic and do you think this girl likes me?


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  • It sounds like she could like you! And yes I would date a mechanic, that profession is fine.

    • thanks for the advice and anything i should do maybe? We went for a walk and coffee. I also helped her again with her car cause its not the best lol. We seem to have lots of fun when we're together.

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    • She actually said she was busy but she said she can make somtime tomorrow at 8. So thats a good first step i think and she also said "can't wait :) "

    • That’s great news!

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  • Pft did that most of my life and I was always getting new ladies...

    • for me its just this one girl, but interesting.

    • Well one at a time for me too, excited this one time there were 3 of them... NVM that's another story

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