Why does he acts like this?

A few weeks ago I was at this party. I immediately noticed a guy with a huge smile on his face, he wasn’t particularly good looking tho. Unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to talk to him.

I found him on instagram and he followed me back. I send him a casual dm and we started talking (very short conversation). Suddenly he stopped talking to me, and I unfollowed him and he unfollowed me too after that. I send him a message; hey you unfollowed me but I still like you ! (Sarcasm). He said that he thinks my insta is fake? (Catfish?). Yes I only have 20 followers but I’m not fake. I asked him why he thinks that and he didn’t explain it to me. I started roasting him, I tried everything to get an answer but all he did was like my replies on instagram (dm).

Seriously what is wrong with this guy? This is childish to a whole new level. what does he gain with this? I have never seen someone act like this before.


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  • Whats wrong with him? Maybe you should think what YOU did to go wrong? If he only stopped talking to you for a few hours or maybe a couple days, so what, get over it. You removed him first, so he was just taking the hint probably and removed you as well. Then you top it off by trying to hurt his feelings instead of trying to figure them out, as well as being sarcastic. He acted the way he did because you did first

    • What the hell... I didn’t do anything? I just asked him why he thinks my insta is fake, that’s all

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