How do I deal with a distant boyfriend?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about three months now. I used to have pretty severe social anxiety and he’s the first guy I felt this comfortable around and even the first guy I was willing to go on a date with. A week after we started dating he tried to kiss me and I completely freaked out. I couldn’t do it! I also had just cut my lip though and didn’t want to kiss him with a cut lip, but I was embarrassed and never told him. I know it really hurt him because he started to tear up and after that he would periodically act really distant. He’s the most supportive guy I’ve ever met and very understanding but we’ve been apart now in different towns because of summer and I don’t know how to fix this. Any thoughts?


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  • You change boyfriend

    • Hahahah why? I really like him and he seems to really like me.

    • Ywah but he doesn't give you what you want

    • No I’m definitely really happy with him, I just hate that I hurt him and I want to make it better somehow.

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