How do I get him back (we unwillingly broke up because of distance)?

I had to move for an undetermined number of years for university and he didn’t have the possibility to come as well. At first we tried long distance, but it was too much distance and we would have managed to see each other max once every six months, so, with much difficulty on both sides, we broke up.

I moved back and I’m still 100% sure he’s the one and I still love him deeply. But in the meanwhile he started dating an old acquaintance. I know it’s horrible to say and I know I am not objective because I’m jealous, but she’s... bah... yeah I won’t comment because it’s lame but I don’t think very highly of her and I don’t think she can make him happy. Knowing him, (and knowing her) it looks a lot he settled out of convenience and she jumped on the occasion as she’s not someone who gets attention from guys usually because of her looks.

I’m gonna try and have him back one way or another. Which way is more effective (not ethic, I know it’s bad)?
  • Make him remember how great we were together
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  • Make him realize how inappropriate she is for him
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What Guys Said 2

  • Just wait until he is single again, hard as that may be. You don't want to be the Kind of Girl that takes a guy away from another woman

  • If u think u can get him back by showing how bad she is u will come off as jelouse and if he does like he4 u will lose him for good

    • I am jealous. I can’t stand the idea he’s with someone else it makes me sick

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    • I didn't downvote your comment mate

    • Never said u did just asking in general lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Uh no.
    You don't make him realize how inappropriate she is for him. You respect that he is taken with someone of his choice.


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