Help with friends with benefits situation?

So I have a friends with benefits I've been seeing on and off for the last 8 months. We have the same friend group and went to school together. After I left my husband we started dating for a couple of months, but then he said that he wanted to be just fwbs since we both had a lot going on in our lives. I wasn't okay with that at the time, so we stopped talking.

Then he came back 3 months later saying he missed me. He told me that he had dated a few women after me and realized that he didn't click with them the same way he does with me. At that point I had kind of moved on with my life, so I told him I'd be okay to try to friends with benefits thing with him. We did that for a couple of months, but then I met someone else so I told him I couldnt do the friends with benefits thing with him anymore, but we could remain friends. We still continued to text and call eachother during that time. I ended up breaking it off with the guy I was seeing because we were incompatible.

After 3 months of not being friends with benefits, I came back to him and we started having sex again. But this time it was different. He stopped flirting with other women in front of me, started calling me more, telling me he had feelings for me, etc. About a month into it I told him that I had seen other people for the 3 months we werent having sex. At this point I realized that I had feelings for him, and I let him know that I realized the same thing he had before, that I clicked better with him than with the other men I tried dating. He told me he was okay with the fact that I had seen other people, and that it didn't bother him. But then he started questioning me about the guys, and saying little comments about how I'm probably fucking other guys. Then he told me that he met someone else and that it could get serious. So I told him that maybe we should just remain friends because I didn't want to get hurt. So he replied with "cool, I'm done". Now he seems like he doesn't even want to remain friends at all.

Can you guys help me make sense of this situation?


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  • He's being an insecure and passive-aggressive dickwad. He's just butthurt, go talk him down or else he's just gonna wallow in his feelings

    • Insecure and passive aggressive were my thoughts too. Thanks for your reply. Kind of confirmed what my thoughts were. I tried texting him a couple of times and he's ignoring me. I'd really like to remain friends because I've known him for a long time. But I guess it is what it is 🤷‍♀️

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    • Thanks for your help! :)

  • Never do a friends with benefits situation. Just have a fuck buddy


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