Would a guy be extra nice to you if he's attracted?

It seemed like this guy was being extra nice to me. At work at the airport I was on directing passengers arriving off the plane and outbound ones on the plane duty. There was this guy and about two other people there for boarding. I'd seen this particular at a different flight once before when i had to do the same duty that day the directing. Anyway he really acknowledged me was like " are you the lucky lady doing the marshalling for this flight?" smiling. A bit after all use three were talking topic of babies came up and that particular guy and other person were saying how they think all babies look the same. I said I thought animals were cuter he said thas cause they had hair. Then when the plane arrived before went out the guy warning me how its cold or chilly outside I'll probably need a jacket to stay warm weather wasn't that great. And telling me what to do saying which would be easier even though I knew already. I saw him later in the week looked at him briefly then as I walked past going somewhere else I saw him turn around out corner of eye. I feel some attraction there or something?


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  • It's possible. Could just be friendly, especially since he'd seen you before

    • oh last time we never said a word to each other he was busy that day

  • Depends on if he is acting that way only around a attractive girl.



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