We just met and now he's going to Afghanistan?

So after coming to the realization that the men in my life weren't worth my time, and being the busy person that I am, I decided to give online dating a shot. At first I was really skeptical, but figured "why not?!"

I ended up meeting a really great guy, and we've exchanged about 70 messages over the past 10 days. I feel like I've known him forever, and we have a great connection, at least as far as personalities go. I want to meet him in person; however, I have exams this week and have no time to hang out, and after that, I'm leaving the city to go home for the holidays (for a few weeks), where I have no internet access.

It gets complicated, though, because he's in the military and will be gone to Afghanistan from January until July, and I'm afraid to meet him in person before he leaves, get attached, and then... I don't know. I just don't want to get hurt, and I don't want him to get hurt, but I really feel like there's something there...

So what do I do?

Any input is welcome :)


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  • You already perceive him to be 'different' from those you have encountered in the past. Maybe the issue shouldn't be whether or not you should meet him, but rather guard your heart and don't let things happen too soon. You need to try to keep your emotions in check. Now, you know yourself and your personal capabilities as well as your personal limitations. If you can honestly, stay guarded and not get attached very quickly then meet him. If you cannot then DON'T go.

    Also, since he will be deployed in the Middle East, remember that this will present another issue- communication. He may not have Internet accessibility or if he does, it might be at a certain time and only to email. In addition, if any phone calls will be made then he will be making them. Your lines of communication will mainly be email and snail mail. Believe me, he will love nothing more than to get letters when he is in a hot desert, training all day. But, I am sure he will prepare you for this as well.

    Food for thought.

    • Thank you so much for your answer... I completely agree. I've decided that I shouldn't meet him before he goes away. I'll keep in touch, but I'm almost positive that meeting would only make things more complicated -- something that I'm not prepared for, if I'll have so little time to spend with him before he leaves. If it's meant to be, we can pick up where we left off when he gets back, and will have the whole summer to get to know each other.