INfJs and HSPs - (1) Do you know of any suitable dating sites (2) How did you meet your significant other?

Please don’t post asking what INFJ/ HSP is. Thanks


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  • Found out what I was a couple of years ago. Still amazed how the test was alarmingly accurate. Don't know of any sites. But I wouldn't ever base my whole life and dating on it however.
    Falling into those categories you're only supposed to use online dating or what am I missing?

    • 99.9% of people I meet offline are narcissists / opportunitists or in solemn way dysfunctional. Even a few online , so I’ve run it of steam with that avenue.

    • Out vs it

    • 90% of people I’ve met offline are narcs/ dysfunctional etc. If you really are an INFJ, you would have experienced a lot of personality disordered people. im done with it.
      I’m also very introverted and don’t really like social settings.
      So, I assumed online was my only option.

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  • I'm an INFJ. I've tried SeekingArrangements. com, Fetlife. com and tinder. To get a feel for the whole spectrum and it turns out that I'm not into any of it. So good luck!


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  • There's a site dedicated to the Myers Briggs types, projectevolove I think it's called.

    • Have you tried it?

    • Dating sites and apps in general aren't my cup of tea

  • I am INFJ. Tinder is best one i think. I mer my ex in this site though

    • Why Tinder? That is purely based on looks and superficial.
      I went on a date with someone off GAG and we didn’t connect. He wasn't my type physically or emotionally.

    • Its based on luck in any case. You just have to keep looking and be selective. Check for horoscopes too

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  • I use to be infj now I'm in Bruce lees lane and I'm still single... not by choice though... I met my soulmate at work we are not together but the love is eternal. I met my fuck buddy in a family gathering. I met my casual partner on the street we went to the same highschool connected on FB.


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