Emotional Abuse?

Have you ever dated or been with a partner than didn't physically abused you, but emotionally and/or verbally was. What happend? Are you still together? Were they able to change, and if so how? If not, how did u leave, what changes have u made for yourself?


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  • Yup she would shame me for wanting her completely. Only wanting to be the best friends couple. She shunned anything sexual. Being a constant dead fish but never telling me no for anything. Making me think I was bad at kissing, cuddling, and strangely hugging.
    One time I was tired and just wanted to rest my head on her. She was standing and I was sitting. And you guessed it I was at just the right hight to rest my head on her breast. After 10 seconds she flipped out. I was just enjoying the softness not even realizing where I was resting my head. After that she constantly asked if anything romantic I said was cause I wanted sex. after 3 months I gave up. Actually got mad and she dumped me saying I was always mad in my texts when I was never even annoyed in them.


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  • Yes, i was in a 12 year emotional abuse marriage, my ex never change, i thought i could change him but thats a very bad mistake to do with anyone its the person that needs to decide to change and not anyone else. But my ex cheated on me, and he left my kids and i, but cooping with the verbal abuse has been and still is damaging to my soul. But now i go to counselling so i can move on. Its tough, but i keep my head up.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. I am truly sorry you experienced that. Emotional abuse to me is one of the hardest because it goes unseen but felt so deeply. Im proud of you for moving on. I hav no support groups in my area fir emotional abuse. Its all only physical abuse. I left but Im sure since its only been a week the worst is yet to come. Bless you hunny, and thank you for again for sharing.

    • No worries. The more i talk about my abuse the better it gets and stronger i get. If you have one person you can trust and who isn't judgmental, and willing to just listen, talk to that person for support. Hope your situation lights up and you continue your journey on healing. Thanks for the MHO. And comment, it meant the world to know someone cares. Hugs.

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  • I was emotionally abused off and on for 11 years. Most of the time it was trivial stuff that I could handle but when she cheated that was something else again. To me being cheated on is the worse form of emotional abuse there is.

  • Ya she would cheat on me an stuff like that


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