Can you move on from a soulmate?

Imaging you finally meet that person that you feel meets everything that you’ve been searching for. They’re a great person and you can easily see yourself falling in love and everything just be so simple. There is just one problem, time and your place in life, that person just doesn’t fit and the odds were against you and you moved very far away eliminating any chance of you two actually trying to be together to better yourself. Can you move on from that person? In my case he sometimes lingers in the back of my mind as a what if. I know it’s possible to move on but how can I have a relationship with someone else when he’s there in my mind? I feel trapped. Maybe he’s not my soulmate, but he was special in some way.


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  • I did from mine , I miss them terribly but the love is eternal.

  • YUP. Just get busy with your life. The best part of meeting a new male is obsessing over whether he is the one... because us girls enjoy a good pinning to entertain our overthinking minds. Just enjoy what you get from life but keep on living your life.


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