Girls, What should I do with this woman?

I met this woman on match and we have been messaging regularly. She then told me she was going out of town to a camp and won't have service but she would text me when back. I know it's true because she hasn't been active on her profile the whole week. After the whole week I got a notification today that she watched my profile but hasn't text me yet. So is she trying to notify me she is back and don't want to look "easy" by sending a message? Should I wait a couple of days to see if she messages me and if not then send a message? Or wait and if she doesn't message just let her go? She is 28 and I'm 33. Other advices are welcome as well. Thank you!


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  • let her come to you? I don't know.

    • Text her in a couple of days? I don't wanna look like I've been checking on her!

    • Do what you want. Figure it out as you go. you're getting to know her

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