He is mean to me because he says I’m too predictable?

He is mean to me because he says I’m too predictable?

Most of our conversations are on Snapchat but I can’t show them because it will notify him if I screenshot *

First of all he says im predicable and easy/ not a challenge. He basically claims if he wanted to F me he could stuff like that. He said if I’m waiting on him I’m wasting my time. And that getting to know someone is like a game of poker and I show all my hands right away and he knows how to play the game.

the thing is if he didn’t want to talk to me or be friends or more with me he would of deleted /Blocked me from every thing.

He wouldn't of asked me to go on a a camping trip with him and say how badly he wants me to go and how lonely he would be. Or ask me to go to beach with him at 9pm to go “Collect things on beach at low tide” he also wants me to go to the truck event with him for a week.

he doesn’t make sense sometimes he seems like he wants me then other times he says shit like above!!

also he was saying how I “Freak out “ if He doesn’t respond right away but that I might not be only person he talked to. And I said “I don’t care who you talk to” and he automatically assume I meant other girls when I wasn’t /Didn’t say anything about other girls. He said “Your way to insecure, I meant friends people and you assumed I was talking about other girls” and again I said I didn’t say anything about other girls your allowed to have other friends “


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