I find girls with blonde hair & colored eyes the most attractive but I'm too afraid to make a move because generally they prefer other races?

What to do? I feel really miserable because of this. A part of me thinks that I should try talking to them but a part of me (brain) tells me to calm down because they generally are not attracted to white guys so what chances do a boring and plain average looking white guy like me have? I thought about changing my type so many times, almost having like an inside battle against my own self so many times but in the end... I love blondes with colored eyes. I actually wish I didn't because I could move on, live my life, be happy, meet a girl, but no... I am this stupid guy complaining like a whiny little kid stucked in the same place, living my boring life knowing that Im too scared to step out of the comfort zone. Any advice? I could really use some...


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What Girls Said 1

  • I mean I am like 100% sure that there are other blonde girls out there besides me who like guys of all races, even white guys lol. But honestly looks aren't even the most important thing, personality is.

    • Not really looking for those with no preference. I'm thinking of... exclusively white guys - sorta girl

What Guys Said 1

  • White guys dominate all blond girls I thought? I live in Wisconsin and most white guys have the blond girls. I want one? What are you talking about?


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