Am I losing interest or is it just because I'm unhappy with how things are going?

So I used to work with this guy and we flirted quite a bit but nothing ever happened and I didn't have any interest until the day before he moved away. Months later I ended up moving 3 hours away from him and we've met up a couple times since then. He keeps bringing up the idea of visiting me (his idea not mine) but doesn't. We never talk over technology because any time I try to start a conversation he drops out after a few texts and he never stars convos. I can tell he likes me but he puts in no effort when we're not face to face. I know he's shy and awkward but it's so frustrating and confusing for me.

I used to think about our future and get excited by the idea of seeing him but since he made vague-ish plans to come see me (he said he wanted to visit before school started) but didn't follow up, not even to tell me school was back in and he wouldn't be coming, I've been feeling way less excited about him. Like nearly totally disinterested in him, don't feel like making plans, etc.

Have I actually lost interest in him or am I just upset with him and subconsciously protecting myself from getting hurt?


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  • You are upset and he has no deeper interest
    His actions are screaming that he is not interested, maybe when the time comes he would fuck with you but like I said no deeper interest


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