I am just worthless and should run away?

I feel like I am the odd one of my family. My brothers are nice looking, and my sisters are gorgeous and a common favorite of men. They get their attention. But me, I am ugly. Like no seriously. Fucking ugly. Guys chose my sister over myself. And somehow I got a good boyfriend. He drives an hour to see me (we trade off) I met his family, he pays for me, calls me beautiful.. but I am fat. And disgusting. I have a baby face and I am really fucking chubby or chunky whatever you wanna call it. I don't know why he is with me, he walks up to the house to get me. Hasn't pressured me into sex. We've been dating for 8 months. And shits been going good, we see each other once a week. But he's still working on his license for trucking and he said he will try to get a job close to me so he can see me more? But what is he gonna do when he sees my sisters? Is he gonna run away? He told me he was looking for a serious solid relationship. It took 2 months for us to kiss, and he asked if it was okay. he's a small town guy and was shy. But he deserves someone better. Someone more pretty and hot cause guys want hot girls right? Cause they constantly oogle and gawk at them. Someone who knows how to eat healthy and be productive. I've been having really bad thoughts. And I am done. Sorry.. can someone offer me some help or advice?
I am useless to this world. And wish I was never born.
My mom said she was suprised he didn't say anthing abou tmy weight


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  • This is getting old.
    No you are not as ugly as you think. Yes I know that I don't know what you look like, but people saying things you say tend to just make it up for some reason, may it be depression or whatever.
    No, it's not only about looks, so even if your sister looks better than you that doesn't mean he'll run away.

    • Welp, he's probably gonna flirt with her.

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    • Even if so there's actually people having ridiculous thoughts like that.

    • When u post this 20+ times, It's not becajse u feel that way. It's because u want people 2 feel bad 4 u

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  • To be completely honest with youn it did disgust me the way you just talked about yourself. I've been in a pretty dark place too, so I can't really talk much, but first, you're not gonna get anywhere just talking bad about yourself, much less actually whining about it on social media. I don't mean it in a bad way, it is just a self indulgent act that will leave you falling back into the same vicious cyclr that makes you dislike yourself so much.
    Now, what you can take from this post, is that you actually aknowledge the things you don't like about yourself. So instead of repeating that you're worthless, snap out of it and do something to change them. Not because of others, biut for YOURSELF. And yes, it is that easy and simple if you really want it. You just have to actually snap your mind one day from "I'm worthless" to "Screw that, I'm gonna go do something that actually makes me feel worthy". Like whatever it may be. Whatever brings you some confort.
    Just, thinking bad of yourself really won't help at all, and it just saddens me a lot to know you're going through this cause some months ago I was in the exact same place. And it was as easy as that honestly, someone dear to me told me thesr very things and made me wake up and work for a better mindset.
    About your boyfriend, you should know that if that is the case, in a situation as bad as you portrait it with your own words, really loves you for who you are inside. And I think that is one of the most special things one can ever have.

    • Also, please try to start not giving a damn about other's opinions. It is okay to tell to even people from your family that you don't care about your opinion. They are only family as long as they support you and not tear you down. If they try to bring you down, they they're disgusting, honestly disgusting. Just, don't limit yourself and the things you can do because od their opinion

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    • Look, just saying you've honestly tried is already a good start. And you'll just keep trying until you get it right. I've been trying for months, I'm still my "fat self" but I don't see myself that way. I learned that to improve any further, I had to first stop criticizing myself, stop basing my worth off of everyone else's opinions.

    • Say, what good is it gonna be if you tear yourself down along the way? Just try to accept yourself, you already know the things you don't like about yourself so hey, there is nothing stopping you from working to make them better for yourself, you can do it as long as you realize how important it is to not self-hate. And please don't take your life, you could end up just missing on a bunch of good stuff that might be to come, even if not that soon and also, I'm sure it would really destroy your boyfriend to not have you in his life anymore. About your date tomorrow, I promise it will feel MUCH better to put aside the anxiety that cones with your weight in order to enjoy that date, even more as you two only meet once a week. I know it's not easy (Anxiety really is a

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  • Are you trolling? Must be trolling

    • Yeah she is. She posted this same crap lile 20 times already


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    • Pathetic agreed

    • Wow true definitions of bullies.

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  • God you're so annoying. Get a damn life at this point honestly. It's getting annoying how many times you whine about this same stupid thing

    • You get a life, and stay out of mine.

    • Says the pathetic one who keeps whining over the same stuoid shit. No one cares anymore. It's getting pathetic

  • Look, if he really loves you, he’s not gonna leave you so quickly. You should compare yourself to your previous self not to your siblings. At least you’re not bones so be happy! At least you will know his true colors

  • I'm ugly and worthless, you're not
    ~ Mrs Manson


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