Ladies would you like your boyfriend to tell you what to wear?

Last night me and my girlfriend went out to dinner. I went to go pick her up and she was wearing a dress that was a little "showy". So when she got in the car i told her that her dress was a little short and maybe to cover her boobs a little but since we were going to a nice dinner place. She said she wanted to make me happy and impress me. I told her im happy she wants that but maybe she should change. I seen her get kinda sad so i said sorry to her right away and told her she looks fine.

I'm new to dating so I don't know if this is normal or not. I just want her to be classy. She is a classy girl but this dress in my opinion was maybe not for this dinner place. Regardless we had a great time. Next time how should i deal with this?


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  • Next time maybe you could have her pick out a few dresses or outfits and you could give her feedback as to which ones are appropriate for the place or occasion.

    • i should do that, that way we're both involved

  • Honestly, you handled that wrong and no, we don’t want you to tell us what to wear. You came off there as a little controlling and women don’t handle criticisms of their appearance as well as men do. That’s why she was hurt. You probably should have just said she looked great and rolled with it. We generally assume most men want to see some cleavage. When you’ve been together longer and are more comfortable with each other, you can probably get away with saying that you prefer less revealing attire.

    • I could tell she was hurt. I never meant in the first place to make her sad. I dont mind seeing all that but i also know guys will see it too. I just dont like other guys staring really. But you're right, i should of just went with the flow, i know she did it for me as she told me. Next time, i know how to handle it better.

    • @Roxxy99 just wanted to say your advice on this site is really good. thanks for being one of the cool ones!

    • @nachosaresexy Thanks. I try! Lol

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