Places to find really nice chill attractive guys that aren’t clubs?

I’m in college and it seems like most people go to clubs which isn’t my scene. I like bars sometimes but where else can I meet guys who are attractive and funny? Not douchebags (aka please don’t suggest at frat parties. I’m not a freshman)


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  • Then join the book club... lol... I mean just anywhere else that isn't a club or frat party... that simple

    • Lol there isn’t a book club on campus

    • lol... but you like it hahah... so I see you're that type of girl heheh
      I mean go to the gym? lol

    • Wait what

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  • This won't help with specifically funny guys but if a girl approaches a guy at the gym she's got a really good chance of getting a positive reaction.

  • Join some school clubs that you're interested, and that easy you know you have at least one mutual interest with the guys you meet there

  • Have you tried the library? church? or the supermarket?

    • Library-everyone’s there to study
      Don’t go
      Supermarket-everyone’s there to buy food

    • Everyone has time to say hello

  • Skating ring..

    • Like skateboarding

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    • Huh? I think you’re referring to an ice skating rink and those don’t exist in my city

    • No! - Roller blading! Gosh..

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