Is this guy insane?

This guy I've been talking to told me he was heartbroken because these stray kittens died because of their mothers' NEGLECT and said that animals can be as cruel as humans. He said they didn't lick their kittens' eyes and so the kittens were blind and that they left them for long periods of time...
Again, these were STRAY CATS and this guy has a full-time job, so he couldn't have been observing them that closely. Cats instinctually care for their kittens and I even informed him that kittens have a low chance of survival and it's probably worse for stray kittens who can get sick and die because they're not treated by a vet... He is still insisting that these cats were CRUEL.
Of course, kittens dying is very depressing but I found it unsettling that he's really convinced himself that it has to be someone's fault and he's blaming STRAY CATS for something they couldn't control.
To me, this whole situation just screams abandonment issues and shows he's not very rational.


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  • yea that guy sound like he has some problems at home or in his head either way def some screws are loose lol


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  • Yes, he is insane!

  • I mean, at least he's empathetic


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