Was he insecure he isn’t talking to more girls or insecure I might be talking to other guys?

He said “you think your the only people I talk to and freak out if I stop talking ”

i said “I don’t care Who you talk too”

he flipped and said “ calm the fuck down, your too predictable your insecure I meant other friends people you assumed other girls!”

i said where did i say I assumed it was other girls?

so you think he’s insec he’s not talking to other girls or that he’s insecure cause he think I’m talking to other people?

were just friends but it’s complicated


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want you to think he's talking to other girls

    • By accusing me of assuming he was?

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    • But I ended the text saying we should probably be friends because me and him like to butt heads and annoy each other sooooooo

      I don’t get him he makes little comments like two days ago he getting a new job and he was like lol y you want to move to “Enter town” with me

      He sends mixed messages and signals

    • Yea it's a pain in ass when someone is playing around with you. So I don't know. It seems like to much work and bullshit to me. I would say forget this guy and move on. Just my personal opinion I couldn't deal with this. There is no trust. How do you tell what is true when he admits to play games. What's this guys past relationship count? How many girls has he had sex with?

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