Friends? Or dating? Should I ask her on a date?

I need some help determining how to go about my situation. I have no experience and don't know how to handle it. I recently when on what I think was a date with a girl who I was friends with in high school. We had a conversation through Instagram where she suddenly seemed interested in talking to me after following each other for a few months. She asked for my number and suggested "we should hang out some time". I think she had a crush on me in high school and I kind of have had a crush on her as well. So we met up talked for a while. She then suggested getting dinner and she drove us out to dinner. We then walked around a bit. It was really good. When the night ended she dropped me off at my car and we had a bit of an awkward moment where we didn't know how to say good bye when I was getting out of the car. Shortly after I got home I was going to text her but she texted first saying "it was nice hanging out with you. Thanks for dinner!" She then sent another saying "sorry about not knowing how to end our evening lol" I responded saying that it was fun and we should do it again sometime. I responded to her second text saying it was ok I didn't know either. She responded with a laughing emoji and said "I agree" I'm guessing to hanging out again. Said good night and that was it. Where my issues are is I don't know what she wants from this. Were we on a date or if she just wanted to hang out at friends? I guess I should have asked if she was single or seeing anyone but I honestly forgot. She did mention she had moved back in with her family 2 years ago after living with her ex. I want to ask her on an actual date. I'm also absolutely terrified of being or coming off as clingy because of my lack of experience. When is the right time to set up to meet again? I kind of was hoping to meet up again on Tuesday since we are both off work that day but I'm afraid it might be too soon. Should I ask her if she wants to go on a date?


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  • Well, there are two ways to solve this situation.

    1. Look for signs during the 'date'. Touch her hand and see how she reacts (moving away is a sign of friendship, holding is a sign of dating), for an instance. You could even simply ask: 'may I hold your hand?' (or replace that question with anything similar). If it is a yes, that is a sign of a date.
    2. You could simply ask her. Do you want to go on a date next Tuesday? It shows confidence, and it does make things clear. She might think it is too short notice, or might not consider your get togethers a date at all, but she will probably say that then.


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