What are my chances of finding a girl with no romantic past?

I am about 24. So she would have to be at least 18. Maybe 17.
At least attractive.

Romantic past means a previous boyfriend or male best friend whom she had feelings for. So none of that.

Tbh, I still love high school girls 😍😍😍
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I guess even nerd girl in library or who going to church has romantic past, because surely she was already in love. To find someone like this she must be in some Catholic girl school and have no contact with boys


Most Helpful Guy

  • So you want a completely pure 18y old girl. Your chances are low. Better start looking.

    • Maybe 17. Or even 16 depending on which state she resides.

    • Is this some kind of fetish or you're afraid of the girl having past experience and finding your performance, ehm poor? by the way your profile image is not cool.

    • What is wrong with my profile image?

      And no, it is just I don't want her to have someone who she has a special place in her heart for, even if she is not actively in love with him.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Have you had a romantic past?

  • Yea thats creepy as fuck dude.

  • Looking to pluck the blooming crotch rose, I see. What a creep.

    • I don't care about her virginity. I care aboit her emotional bonds that she had.

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    • lol cut him some slack i think i get where he's coming from. doesn't necessarily mean he's after a girls virginity. I used to think of girls with pasts as sort of "soiled" even if i could get past the thought of them having been with another guy how could i deal with the fact that she might be comparing me to them. Get over it EndOfRoad you're not special and love is not clean it's messy. And while a woman's past MAY say something about her it's not her past that matters it's the present and your potential future together.

    • @Frankenstein99
      It is the hypothetical situation that exists to where she can reunite with someone from her pasttime and it be a sweeter outcome.

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