What did I do wrong?

Recently I had to put my then boyfriend on child support because we both don’t have our own medical benefits. I told him I had no other option but he was still very upset and begged me not to do it and told me if I went threw with it he was no longer going to be with me, but I did it anyway cuz I didn’t see the harm plus he wasn’t really providing for our child like he needed to.
So time past and we slept together after court and he said he still wanted to be with me so I said okay now he’s ignoring my texts and phone calls and recently blocked me on Facebook messenger because I found out he was talking bad about me to this girl he cheated on me with a while ago and when I tried to call him multiple times that’s when he blocked me.
We haven’t had a full convo for the past couple of days cuz he said he’s been “busy at work”. I’m just very heart broken thinking about him cheating on me and talking bout me to a girl he knows I don’t like , then blocking me like it’s my fault when I want answers. I even asked him if he was seeing anybody and he told me no so I’m just really confused. Am I wrong for putting him on child support or is this a way of him showing me he doesn’t want to be with me? I feel like he’s ghosting me but why if he said he wanted to be with me & then we have a whole child togther he is 7 months. I don’t understand he is 22 and I am 20 years old. He also said he doesn’t think I love him and says I changed into a whole different person.


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  • The child is the right thing to do, he should be helping to provide for his child. It seems like he's not really interested in you if he's running out to other girls. Don't stay with him if you're not a priority. You may think you're doing it for your child, but your child is better with a happy single momma than a sad momma with a cheating boyfriend.

  • The child support is reasonable. It's the possessive nature that's pushing him away.

    • How was I being possessive?

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    • well yeah maybe but that still doesn’t explain why he had to talk about me behind my back to that female and why he blocked me

    • And He usually texts me and calls me in husband free tim when he’s at work anyway

  • You weren’t wrong you did right. Child support is the law. He was a deadbeat dad that needed to pay up and be responsible


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