Confusing guy? Always messaging me but says he doesn’t have feelings?

I have a guy friend & he chats to me constantly. I’d like to know why when we start a conversation with each other, it goes back & forth for hours, sometimes even a whole day of constant messaging till one of us eventually goes sleep?

We did have a sexual relationship but he decided we would be better as friends.
He told me he doesn’t have feelings & doesn’t want a relationship.
I’m not perusing him because I’m happy to just be his friend & nothing more.


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  • Genuine friends it is then. Sounds like it's win, win.

    • But even so, it’s not normal for a guy to message all the time! I don’t even message my female friends as much as he messages me!! I just find it really odd & it puts me off messaging him first because I know once I do, we will be talking for the rest of the day!

    • It's very unusual but everyone is different.
      So it seems you're finding it stifling (as would I). You're going to have to set some ground rules with him.

    • Yeah I might have to have words with him & say he doesn’t need to message me all day 😂😂

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