Do most girls have a racial preference in dating?

Curious cause white women don’t appear attracted to me
Just curious and wanted to know
Or if it’s pressure from family


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  • Some do, some don't.
    I myself have always preferred black men. Most of the white girls I know prefer black men too. Then I have a mexican friend that prefer white guys and a black girl that prefers black guys.
    My cousin is a white guy and he only dates Asian girls.
    Then I know a few girls that have no preference at all.
    Overall I'd say most girls have a racial preference but that's just where I live. I don't travel that much so I don't know about other places.

    • Yeah I ask because it seems no matter how successful I become my race will always dictate my dating life

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    • Weird then! most girls I know find mixed guys attractive. Not saying the most attractive but generally mixed people date all sort of races.

    • Yeah I have mainly been attracted to white women

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  • Everyone is different so everyone likes different think. I myself prefer Asian women.

    • I have always preferred white women

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    • It's not racial segregation it's a bloody choice. People have a choice. And typically Humans are tribal people, we are attracted to what looks like us because we can relate and feel comfortable. It's been happening for 10s of thousands of years so fuck of with your ridiculous "racial segregation" you fucking Muppet

    • Sorry man wasn’t trying to offend I’m just trying to figure it out growing up I was never accepted by blacks or whites

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