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Ok so i dont like the word "girlfriend" so i have been talking to my "friend girl" for 7 months. I do all the extra stuff when we go out, like continously buy flowers & take off her shoes when she's exhausted from work etc.. Im 22, she is 20 problem is that i am a ok looking guy that can make conversation & make you feel appreciated, happy etc soo i constantly talk to her twin sister & mom (single) right, u with me? Umm i took them all to a buffet, then i just told the mom even tho she is 38 she still looks really young & if i was older i would totally date her. So the mom laughed and kept starring at me all night.. so i envited "the mom" to dinner the next day just us two.. we drank ate & came to my appartment & checkmate. But since i play my life like chess i found out that her twin broke up with her boyfriend & i constantly started to tell her that she is cute & i also started to hold her hands while i gave her eye contact and yup you guessed it, i kissed and had sex with my "friend girls" twin/ checkmate again.. so now when i go over to my friend girls house, i can't really be alone with my friend cause the mom does not want me with the daughter cause she knows the piece of shit that i am & her twin likes me now.. so what can i do you guys? Any suggestions? Cause when the mom goes out looking sexy & i feel weird & i dont like it and when the twin gets hit on i get upset I don't know im starting to become bipolar and my "friend girl" proposed to me marrage.. so i guess i can have all 3 when i want like toys but at the same time im young.. but i dont know.. i just feel nasty sometimes of what i did...


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  • Don't kid your self man, drop the bitch. Don't try to even think that a guy in the friend zone can ever get out because he can't.


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