What do I do now? I dont think I can move in?

My ex went on her mission in December of 2016, after we dated for almost 4 years. We discussed mariage before she left and after a few months into her mission, she broke things off because of the mission.

We split twice before, because of the same issues. And halfway through the mission, I wrote to her and she read my email 18 times before she responded and I could see and feel how conflicted she was. But after talking for two months, we couldn't find common ground.

I waited until a month before she was due home, and I sent a letter apologizing for my shortcomings, and just showing how much I truly loved her. I sent it digitally to her original and mission Facebook, and physically to her parents home.

So she was due home, and I got curious and looked. The mission Facebook changed from Sister ___ to her nickname. But she posted she was about to leave on June 30th.

Mid July, I didn't see any changes on her Facebook, or her family's and I messaged her old cellphone number, asking if she came home and if she could call me. Her brother replied 5 days later that it wasn't her phone anymore. But I said I knew it was him, and asked if she got my letter, and he replied saying she got it. I apologized and asked to apologize on my behalf and I was hoping to hear from her.

In the past, her family has never reached out to me or even responded to anything from me. Her mom said to talk to her while my girlfriend was gone, and the three times I messaged her she never responded.

It's now been almost a month, and still no update on her Facebook (s) or her family's. I even looked at their Instagram, and nothing. I just don't understand.

Is she just decompressing, is her family hiding her, or is she just simply not home yet, or any other ideas? I just don't understand. I thought I did everything I could to show I love her.
Lately I've had so many dreams of her, and so many things about her keep coming up.

I just feel lost now


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  • You need to move on also. Just because you were with here for 4 years doesn't mean you are meant for each. In the time she was away on her mission, she's probably discovered new things about herself. Allow her to come back you... And work on yourself in the mean time. If you are a Christian pray about it and God will point you in the direction of who your wife is.

    • I've tried so hard to move on

  • She sounds like she is moving on.

    • Maybe, I just find it unusual for her to ignore me and her family to talk to me, yet none of her social media has been updated

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