Would you date someone who had a criminal record? One of the things my boyfriend told me last month was he was convicted of attempted murder?

And spent Time in prison approximately ten years ago
He showed me old court documents and papers to prove it

I've been with him for a year

i can’t help but think what if something bad happens to me? we have got into really bad fights in the past and now that I know this it changed the way I think about him. I haven’t told my family yet because I’m scared of what they’ll think of me

This week he told me “just remember don’t cheat on me “ and started laughing
like wtf we haven’t been fighting recently and I thought we were in a good place
I’m just confused of what to do? Should I continue to be with him?
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  • Depends on the crime and why should you care? If you love him then you'll stay if you dont then you leave. If the relationship is going well then i suggest waiting to find out your answere


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  • Tell your family because that way if something does happen they will know what happened. Just reading your story makes we want to say "Get out"! Please tell me you aren't living with this guy.


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  • Damn, that motherfucker is insensitive as fuck. Couldn't even bring it up at a better time... definitely not something to joke about.

  • Yeah. If he was really dangerous, I think he would've hidden it from you.

  • Attempted murder? Get out as soon as possible!


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