What makes a person clingy? Like how do you help someone avoid being clingy and needing your attention all the time?


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  • Clingy people don't cheat. Remember that

    • I’d have to disagree, my ex was very clingy and when I couldn’t give her the attention she needed. She cheated

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  • Insecurity makes somebody clingy. They are afraid that they'll lose you and as a consequence they believe that they have to be all over you in order to keep you. It is fear based attention seeking. The person who is clingy is the one who has to do the work to become better. You can help them with certain reassurances but you also need to try and impose some discipline. It's a bit like training an overly excitable puppy. If you pander to obsessive insecurity then you enable it and it will not stop. If anything it will become worse.


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