Should I just let him be?

The guy I’m talking to told me he has issues he’s afraid I won’t be able to handle. He’s indirectly pushing me away but I do care about him a lot. I told him I’d get back to him at a later date. Should I just do my own thing and let him do his own thing for awhile while I gather myself?


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  • It could be he is going through some personal matters at this time, and if he's not ok talking with you about it at this time then that's all you can really do. The best thing in this case is to let them know that you will be there for them and respect their space, and that when they're ready, they can reach out to you.

    • Yea I have a lot going on. I’m going to be awhile. I can always reach out in a week or two. But now not a good time. I was getting left on open.

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    • What do I say? What’s the best thing to say? So don’t even matter about the response

    • Say something like I just need some time to think about things, and give you some space

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