What should I do about my girlfriend's sister?

So i have a situation here. I been dating my girlfriend for 5 months now and she also has a sister. I think her sister liked me because before i dated my girlfriend she would send me snaps of herself asking me if she's beautiful and just of herself. Ever since i dated my girlfriend, she has stopped that and we're good friends. I went over to their house but my girlfriend wasn't home yet and her sister was home alone. So she asked me if i wanted food or drink, i said i was fine. I sat on the couch and she was wearing a very low cut top and basically, i could see her cleavage pretty good, She sat beside me and was like "im really tired" and layed her head on me. While she did this, it was clear i was seeing her boobs lol.

When my girlfriend came in she told her sister to wear something more appropriate and so she did. What should i do about this? i don't want them to fight or anything.
Any other opinions?


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  • Holy damn. That is soooo fucked up but hilarious, what you need to do is.. nothing. just dont do anything at all and only have your eyes for your girl. In this situation, its best to mind your own bussiness.

    • I only have eyes for my girlfriend. I even kind wiggled away from her sister lol. There was another time where unfortunately my car took a couple of times to start and stay running and when I was with her sister that day she said "good thing your crappy car started because it was getting too hot in here". And winked at me lool. I was going to eventually fix my car and told her so. As luck would have it it stalled out at the stop sign and started up again but she was like "awww, poor car, I can help fix it". I told her it's ok lol... Side note: it's still not fixed 😂

    • Damn😂

    • So I ended up kinda hinting this to my girlfriend and she said she would speak to her sister. I told her to be nice and not hit her lmaoo. It was crazy cause her sister then said sorry to me and told me she was just joking and what not and she just has that style. I told her polite to be like my girlfriend lol and not too wild. It actually turned out good in the end.

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  • Keep your mouth shut and your hands away from the sister.

    • im 100% committed to my girlfriend. Her sister is nice but i dont like her like that so i would never do anything bad

    • With the way you phrased this question I think it would be her and not you.

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  • You need to tell your girlfriend that her sister is laying her head in your lap... it's not right. Listen to what she says. How would you feel if your girlfriend was cheating on you with your own brother.

    • I would not say im cheating, when she layed her head on me, i moved the other way right away. I also have told her sister in a very polite way to "calm down". Her sister also makes sexual jokes too, even when i met her. My girlfriend is kinda like the good sister and the other is the bad lol. Her sister never actually "tried" anything on me. I would not allow that.

      I want to tell my girlfriend but i know 110% they will argue with each other. I dont like them fighting, i seen it before lol and lets just say its not all words lmao. i could tell my girlfriend in a calm way and see. But yes she does kinda have to know, but then again I don't know what they talk about one on one

  • Well obviously you need to bang both of them. Duh.

    • Hell no lool. My girlfriend is the only girl I wanna bang. Her sister is also good looking but I don't roll like that

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  • l blame you as you should have moved to another chair l think you want the sister as well l would not trust you and you think it is all fun

    • I did move right away. I dont find a need for 2 women. I love my girlfriend to the moon and back. I dont love her sister in that type of way. I want to tell my girlfriend but i know 110% they will argue with each other. I dont like them fighting, i seen it before lol and lets just say its not all words lmao. i could tell my girlfriend in a calm way and see. Her sister is kinda the flrity type but i did make it clear to her sister i dont like her.

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    • thanks you too. She agreed to talk to me soon

    • very nice and it will get it of your mind and there will not be any come back in the future

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