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I've been speaking online to a guy from Ireland for 5 months now, we've been saying how much we want to fuck each other and how attracted we are to one another. It gets really heated - I've fantasised about him so much. I'm planning on moving near where he lives to be with my Irish family and when I'm there he wants to meet up, he says he wants to get to know me properly. BUT I've not long ago found out he has an on/off girlfriend who he hides from me and vice versa. I found her on social media. Shall I still see him? Confront him? Tell her? What would you do? I really like him now and I'm annoyed... he's 22 and I'm 24 just to clarify our ages. Thank you


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  • You should talk to him and make him decide, because he can't have an on/off relationship and still be interested in you! I wouldn't tell her, but ask him to tell her and if not then tell her.
    This is coming from a fellow Irishman 😂

    • Big up the Irishman right here! I'm 3/4 Irish in my blood and I'm coming to live there :)
      Anyway, you'd think that wouldn't you but he's been speaking to me constantly behind her back for months. He's even been looking at and stalking my social media whilst in her company. They've been together for like 2 years I think but split up and get back together here and there. I've tried confronting him about her once before and he completely ignored me and didn't talk about her once. He won't tell me anything about her and also hides me from her. Should I go ahead and see him or not bother at all? I'm scared of being hurt :(

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    • He's a huge motivating factor :/ I'm fucked aren't I?

    • No I wouldn't say you're fucked, you just have to sort it out with him before you make any decisions

  • What do you want from this relationship?

    • I'm not sure - I was going to see how things went. But now I'm torn about whether to see him or not.

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    • What would lead you to believe he wants a relationship with me as opposed to just sex? Interested to know. Do you think he loves her if he's been speaking to me consistently and planning to see me?

    • Well I've been in an on and off relationship and I was doing a similar thing. I was 15 tho. :D

      I think since he wants to get to know you, he might want to change her for you

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