Should I tell him I feel insecure?

So this guy asked me out and he is trying to get me more out of my comfortzone. We were discussing our upcoming date and he sarcastically said: "we both sound soo exciting and are really looking forward to it".

I've a hard time expressing my excitement and it may seem like I don't like him a lot while I do. A lot. And I'm looking forward but I'm scared / insecure, based on previous bad experiences: suddenly canceling the day beforehand, disappearing, etc. So I'm trying to calm down my feelings in order to "protect" myself.
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  • Be as honest as you are comfortable being, e. g., say your shy and you want to take Things slow instead of saying you are insecure, because that has a much more negative connotation


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  • Insecurity is a turn off... with that said, nothing wrong with being open to him about how you feel or why you may be a bit scared

  • I don't see what's ever wrong with telling someone that you are a bit shy.

  • Communication is key


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